About Me

Hey, I’m Zoltan Lukacsi. Thanks for checking out my blog.
So this is the page where you can get to know me a little better and find out what this Zoltan Lukacsi guy is all about...

I’m a 38 year old father of 2 beautiful girls, husband to the most wonderful wife in the world, we’ve been married for almost 7 years now (wow! time flies..) and I currently live in Ireland.
The purpose of this blog is to give you cool free stuff, share with you some golden nuggets in the areas of business, internet marketing and traffic generation to help you expand your business, make more money faster and hopefully improve the quality of your life.
Here’s My Story
I got married at the age of 31. I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to provide my wife and kids the lifestyle they truly deserve working for someone else. So I turned to the Internet to find a solution.
Started online in 2012 and failed MISERABLY for the first year. In fact, I didn’t have the money to start my online business so I took a leap of faith and borrowed $1,500 to get started.
After investing (spending) $1,500 on ads and different systems promising the moon and not making a single dollar in return, I realized that what I was doing wasn’t working …at all. I experienced first hand what it was like to work, struggle, and endure constant challenges, obstacles and set backs.
Here’s How Everything Changed For Me…
I needed a mentor. Someone who could take me under their wing and show me the ropes.
I found that mentor. Even though I paid $500 per month to learn from him, it was worth EVERY penny.
…because just 90 days later my income jumped to $2,000 per month.
Why am I telling you this?
Simple. I want you to understand one very important thing. (here’s your golden nugget)
Listen closely….
Follow them, adopt their belief system, get close to them, buy their stuff and take action!
That’s exactly how I went from broke to literally living a dream life.
And I want to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!
Start your dream now!

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