3 Steps to Generating Traffic to Your Website

One of the keys to success with paid advertising is to find and choose high-quality niche sites on which to advertise. So how do you do that? Simple: by using this checklist. Take a look…

3 steps to generating traffic to your website

 Step 1: Find Prospective Advertising Opportunities

The first step is to find possible places to advertise. For this step, you’re only uncovering possibilities. Don’t worry at this point about whether a prospective site opportunity will provide good results for you (as you’ll do your due diligence in the next step). Here’s how to find prospective places to advertise: 

• Search Google. This is the step where you’ll uncover the biggest list of possibilities. In order to get the most relevant results, be sure to do niche specific searches. 

For example, for “internet marketing” niche, then you might perform the following searches: You can search “internet marketing blog”, “learn how to start internet marketing”, etc. 

You may consider to approach these websites to see if they’re interested to offer any ad spots to be purchased. 

• Ask your network for recommendations. You can post on your blog, mention it in your newsletter, and ask for recommendations on social media.

• Check directly with site owners in your niche. Even if a site owner doesn’t specifically offer advertising opportunities, you can still inquire directly to see if they’d make an exception for you. 

At this point you’ll have a big list of possible places to post your ads. 

Now the next step…

Step 2: Do Your Due Diligence

Now let’s turn your big list of potential ad opportunities into a short list. 

Use the following suggestions to help you determine the best places to advertise. 

TIP: You may be able to get some of the answers to the following questions directly off the advertising information page on the individual websites. In other cases, you’ll need to contact the website owner directly to get more information. 

• How much does the advertising cost? 

• What types of advertising are available? (E.G., blog ads, solo email ads, ads on forums, banner ads, text ads, pay per click ads, CPM ads, etc.) 

• How many traffic/impressions/subscribers/etc will see your ad? 

• Where does the traffic come from? In other words, how does the site owner attract the traffic? Examples include: 

✓ Search engine optimization (what types of keywords?)

✓ Co-registration 

✓ Paid advertising 

✓ Viral marketing 

✓ Blogging 

✓ Joint ventures or affiliate marketing 

✓ Social media marketing 

✓ (and so on)

• Approximately how many visitors are repeat visitors versus new visitors? 

• How many pages does a visitor view on the site, on average? 

• What are the demographics of this audience? (Age, gender, location, etc.) 

• Has the site owner ever surveyed this audience to learn more about them? If so, what did they find out? 

• What sort of results have past advertisers experienced in terms of conversions? 

• How would you characterize the quality of the site? (E.G., Does the owner post high-quality content on the blog?) 

• What is the site owner’s reputation? 

Note: run a search in Google for the site name as well as the site owner’s name. Reject any site where you see a pattern of complaints or other red flags. Remember, your name and business is going to be associated with this website and business owner, so you want to be sure you’re only purchasing advertising on sites with good reputations. 

• Can you start with a small ad buy, and then purchase more impressions later if the test run goes well?

Step 3: Start Small And Test

If you answered all the questions in the previous step, then at this point you should know which sites are the best possible ad opportunities for your needs. 

But don’t jump in with both feet. Instead, follow these tips:

• Track your ads. Don’t even think about placing an ad unless you track your results. You’ll need a tracking tool such as Piwik.org or similar. 

• Use proven ads. You don’t really want to be testing both your ads and the venues at the same time. That’s why it’s a good idea to use ads that you’ve already determined produce good results (through your own sites, or even through other ad venues such as Facebook ads). 

• Start small. For example, if you’re purchasing a banner ad, then start with just a couple thousand impressions. Or if you’re purchasing a solo email ad, then purchase an ad that will go out to just a few thousand subscribers at first. 

• Check results and reinvest. Don’t throw good money away for bad results. If a particular venue doesn’t produce good results, then don’t advertise in that place any longer. Instead, reinvest your money into those places where you are getting profitable results.


Yes, it does take a little time upfront to do your due diligence and testing to determine the best and most profitable places to advertise. However, it’s time well spent, as it will save you lots of money in the long run. 

So put this checklist to work for you the next time you seek out advertising opportunities on niche sites. 

Here is the list of traffic source where you can buy advertising: 

1. Facebook Advertisingwww.facebook.com/advertising 

There are a lot of valuable resources that you can learn about Facebook Ads at https://www.facebook.com/business/help/337584869654348 

2. Buy Sell Adswww.buysellads.com 

If searching for blogs or websites to accept advertising is too slow for you, you can consider this website. However, it’s important that you’ll do your due diligence and “start small” as taught inside this checklist. 

3. Udimihttps://udimi.com/95sg4 

Udimi is a website for you to advertise to another marketer’s mailing list. This is the most effective advertising! 

Apart than Facebook, another valuable ad advertising platform that’s worth pursuing is Bing Ads. 

5. Site Scoutwww.sitescout.com 

This is a little bit more advance. It allows you to advertise on big authority websites. However, you should only look into this if you’re an experienced marketer because there’s a learning curve involved.


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